Happy Boy Organic Farm

Watsonville, CA
83 miles to the Marketplace

Owner Greg Beccio has been growing organically for over 20 years in the central coast region of northern California. Happy Boy Organic Farm is based near Watsonville and tends to multiple plots of lands located in neighboring counties. In total, they farm 125 acres on six separate farms in four separate geographical areas. By being in different microclimates, they are able to grow a large product mix, and maintain a wide range of diversity over an extended period of time.

Some of their crops grown by Happy Boy Organic Farms include baby mixed salad greens with edible flowers, leafy greens, specialty melons, dry-farmed and heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, specialty peppers, several varieties of summer squash and bunched herbs. All of their crops are harvested, washed and packed by hand, and delivered throughout the week ensuring clean and fresh selections.

Greg has said about his experience farming, “Walking through the fields at sunrise or sunset, harvesting your own fresh gourmet produce, and sharing it with friends, chefs or customers at market is an experience unlike any other. It’s hard to imagine the grass could be greener anywhere else.”

Farm Info:

Website: www.happyboyfarms.com

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